The curse of widgets and what controls what

Hi from minus 1 degrees C pitch black York UK,

Being relatively new to wordpress I am finding is difficult as an administrator to quickly identify what plugin effects what feature on a web site. For example on this site on the home page I want to edit one of the four images under top products. Basically someone uploaded an image that broke the layout (since fixed with a technical solution). I want to delete that image and replace. See below for illustration:

But everytime I log into the wordpress dashboard I spend what feels like an age just to work out what plug etc controls what, its quite frustrating.

So my question is, “Is there a quick way to find out how to edit one of the four images illustrated in the screen grab?” (The images below “top products”)


Hi David

My guess would be that the original image is not the right aspect ratio to be displayed at the size you’re asking it to do.

On the whole, images are usually added directly to pages irrespective of the widgets and plugins installed.

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Thank you , yes i have since learnt some one added an image too big for the ideal size and bust the layout!

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