The Clickbaitinator: an idea for a Chrome extension to Sniff YouTube stats before you click 'em

Hey there pointers,

First up my apologies if this is the wrong section to be posting this but I wanna share an idea here that I think is kind of cool.

Do your eyes dart to the like/dislike ratio and view count on a video before anything else? I know mine do. Maybe it’s a result of living through the days of Rick rolls and meat spins, a learned habbit of caution, of suspended immersion.

“Has this video annoyed many other people? Was it just click bait? Is a screaming demon face gonna surprise me in 15 seconds?” - This is the sort of stuff I’m wondering first.

I wish I could throw a stat in here about how much time a year the average Youtuber spends glancing at stats.

Anyway, I have this idea I wouldn’t mind seeing someone clever mock up into a workable Chrome extension.

Imagine as you hover your cursor over the suggested videos, that you’re fed the videos like/dislike ratio before even clicking on it? A stat sniffer, if you will.

I made this picture with some high technical Photoshop wizardry for your globular organ scrutineers pleasure

(Click it y’scally wag, it gets bigger)

So if you think this idea is the brewsters juices like I do and you’ve got some technical programmable authoring abilities , haaaaave at it :slight_smile:


Your idea is nice and I’m not aware of any Chrome extension targeting YouTube that includes that function.

Why not give it a go yourself, all developers must start somewhere. IMHO, the best suited dev for a project like a new Chrome extension is the one most interested to have the app himself. That’s how many well known applications started.

Google has tutorials for extension developers e.g.:

Youtube Data API:

And API resources that the extension can use e.g.:

Sorry I can’t give you any good data retrieve examples as I choose to not have an account at Google.

Already exists, sorry - a cross-browser extension named “Ratings Preview for YouTube”. It’s quite well-put-together.

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