The best way to promote a dating website?

I know that the dating niche as a whole is quite saturated, but at the same time the market is huge, if you can capture even a small percentage of the audience you can generate significant income. I am looking for feedback from webmasters who currently or have owned websites to give their opinion on the best way to acquire new members. PPC, SEO, Viral Videos, Social Bookmarking, Link Exchanges, Directory Submission. What has been the most effetive methods based on your experiences?


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as a dating site needs enough useres in the same location to make membership wothwhile for any member

hmm, why don’t you put a testimonial page for users. it can help your site so much because your giving the visitors reasons to be a member of your dating site…

create profiles on other social networking sites like myspace and mention your also a member of this site (your dating site).

this is a good advice. it can attract more sign ups because it count as a promotion.

i don’t have experience yet in handling dating sites but i think i do have an idea.

  • link exchange with your related sites. there are lots of dating sites out there and getting a link from them is really an advantage for you.

  • make announcements in different forums.

  • choose the best location where you think you can have more sign ups. give more importance on that location. post more promotion.

  • do banner promotion because images can attract more visitors than a text link.

Social Networking Site like Myspace is a good place to promote your site.

Yeah promotion is best way like any other social networking sites, unique feature is prefer.

But I heard when handling a dating site, some promotion techniques are also related to porn environment and includes also some black hat SEO techniques. :smiley:

Starting from a local niche targeting a specific class of people would be one of the aspect to promote a dating website.

Dating site can rank easily if you can make some good back links.

There are many difficult issues with this industries. First is the SEO battle. Second is if you make your online dating site free or paid. Singles using online dating know full well many of them are free now. Only the established dating sites with huge memberships are still managing to charge subscriptions and are relying on the free online dating sites to send them traffic for affiliate commissions.

I think Affiliate marketing is definitely the way to go, but to start it might not be sufficient

Don’t rely on just one marketing method for success. There may be a variety of reasons why certain marketing method works, including a sites theme. For example, a dating site may have more success with MySpace marketing than a fishing site. Also, don’t count out time. Youtube was my experience. I promoted the heck out of one of my sites using youtube to no avail. A year later things started to roll in with very little immediate effort (I’m sure my previous efforts were starting to pay off). YouTube taught me that your efforts may not always pay off as quickly as you like, but they may if you hang in there and keep at it.

make an ebook (2-3pages) about “Dating the Smart Way” or something like that. Sell it on eBay for $0.10, be sure to include the link to your site.

I guess the best way to promote any sites is through the hard work of manually writing, submitting, and promoting in the forums, blogs, and directories. If you have a fair amount of money, you may consider Google Adsense PPC.

you got a good thinking. Please have a look at this site - Mikes Adult Dating Review. Add some flavor like Mike has added to the site. Your business will run in top gear.

Dating theme based one way and reciprocal links building social bookmarking site like and directory, Article submission are the most effective way to promote a website.

Definitely use Myspace and Facebook. You’d want to give out free tips, maybe in the form of free newsletter, to your site visitors. That helps.

aside from testimonials, you can also create content concerning success stories about dating. you can tell stories on how people have met in your site, how they dated and how their relationship is going now. I personally like to read stories like this and this makes me visit dating sites.

Myspace profile advice seemed logical to me…Will try for promotion of my client website.


Have a link to your site on community sites like MySpace and FaceBook and I am sure you get more traffic for your dating site.