The best software for creating animated banners?

What is the best software for creating animated banners?

Photoshop CS6 is what I use for everything and anything to do with graphics. It comes with animating options too and allows you to do animations frame by frame or in a timeline depending on your preference.

Adobe Flash is a lot more sophisticated with regards to animation, which is one of its primary functions. You can output as flash/html5/or as a .gif
After effects is also a sophisticated option although as it’s primarily for motion graphics for video rather than web, so perhaps overkill.

Photoshop is good for image optimisation, but clearly inferior for animation with regards to the tools available for that task which are very minimal. As such, in no way could it ever be described as the ‘best software for creating animated banners’.

But only expert people can use adobe photo shop, can you share some other software?

Photoshop cs6 is great for all the graphic related requirements. I create animated banners with this only and its working really cool.

Photoshop cs3 or so c6… is the best for creating animated banners, and it’s not really hard to figure it out, a lots of tuts available online to learn how easy to create animated banners.

Photoshop for me! You can do it in keyframes or timeline animation, which ever suits your needs.

Flash technology is quite old now. I see a lot of people moving to jQuery and HTML5 for animated needs.

I would certainly say Photoshop is best software for this. But it depends on you what you want to do with banner. Also i suggest you flash, jQuery, javascript and even css is better for you.