The best Saas/Hosted CMS?


I’m trying to find the right Saas/Hosted CMS solution for my needs.

The typical site build will be 5-10 pages with the usual suspects such as Home, About, Services, Portfolio, Contact etc…)

The requirements are as follows:

1. Easy to administer (by non-technical person).
The interface should be clean and simple, logical and immediately intuitive.

2. HTML/CSS access.
Ability to edit code so that I can create a custom appearance per client.

3. Paid monthly subscription.
Platform will bill and support them directly (I don’t want the headache).

4. Partner program.
I want to earn a % of monthly revenue for every site I bring on.

I’m struggling to find one that ticks all the boxes. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Check out LightCMS. Ticks all your boxes and I can say from user experience that it’s easy to use.

~ David

try pagely

In addition to Light CMS you may want to consider Square Space and [URL=“”]Business Catalyst

Light CMS is good for the purpose.

I concur that the systems mentioned above are good starting points. I will be launching a SaaS and cloud app review and comparison service early 2012. Point is to provide a quality overview of what’s available…

Hopefully this will be of value for you and others.

If others have more references to systems they consider relevant please update this thread and I’ll make sure we’ll look into in with our reviews.


I might add that basically is a hosted Wordpress service that integrates with a limited no of themes and plugins (to enable upgrades without issues). Just for info.