The best option?

Hi all,

I have a very basic knowledge of HTML and CSS (thanks to SitePoint) and was wondering if these were the best options for building a new website for my athletics club (Harborough AC)?

A lot of data such as race results, fixture lists and photos need to be constantly updated and was wondering if this is the best way to go?

Thanks for the help.

Vote for joomla first , as drupal’s listing more complex.



combination of wordpress and php

If you want a fast solution, then buy already finished theme. I recommend using WordPress as a CMS.

Thanks for the advice.

You’re going to need a server side solution (i.e. PHP, Coldfusion, or other) in order to update on a frequent basis. You furthermore need some database knowledge (most likely MS SQL or mySql). You probably can do updates in the beginning manually but depending on the frequency that there are races you will soon figure that it will become a real pain.