The best method of gaining visitor feedback about web redesign

Hi all,

My company are in the process of completing a redesign of their corporate site, and we are thinking about when the site goes live what would be the best method of ensuring that when a new or repeat visitor visits the site that they contribute some feedback about their likes and dislikes about the new design, functionality and accessibility etc

I know from past experience that a lot of visitors generally wont spend time filling out surveys that arent obilgatory, I also know that a good lot of the time there has to be some kind of incentive. ~If anyone has any feedback that would be great.


You could conduct a usability test with a few people.

You could run some eyetracking studies:

There are applications that can help you identify user behavior such as crazyegg.

How does one run eyetracking studies without the super-expensive eyetracking montors-with-cameras-attached, users-who-don’t-move-their-heads, users-without-glasses,contacts-or-cataracts, and the software? Even Nielsen’s studies of just 300 people cost a lot of corporations an arm and a leg (and yay I got the book for only 50 euros!). Also apparently they’re really easy to misinterpret according to Nielsen.

Not that I’m disagreeing with the possible options above.

Also having a single-question form somewhere prominently placed asking “Do you like our redesign? Yes No” where those who choose No have an option presented to them “Do you want to tell us what sucks balls about the new design?” A leader question helps people decide to fill out (short questionaires… or just offer a single text-area where they can freely type). People don’t mind answering one question and even that’s an option.

Off Topic:

I was on a site related to our business a few years ago and immediately upon entering I got this noxious popup asking me what I thought of their site. Some survey. Seeing’s how I hadn’t even seen the site yet, I answered everything as Not Applicable and finally there was a text area where I spewed my rage that the idiots didn’t even let me experience the site yet arrrrrrrg. And then I felt better. Until the next time I had to visit the site… thing could not tell who was new and who was old, unless it was because I was blocking JS and cookies.

Thanks for the input guys.

Stomme I totally agree with what your saying about the javascript pop up when you enterr the site. How can you give feedback when the first thing youve been presented with is a feedback form! My marketing manager is really trying to push this idea but I know thats not the way to be doing things hence why Im thinking up better ways to encourage the user to navigate to a feedback page when they’re ready.

Thanks again!

Hey what about a reverse catfish? A bar that slides down from the top (or is just there for users without JS) with the single, simple question?

It’s possible people will miss it, but… I would think it could then be prominant, first in source even, without preventing anyone from a) using your site and b)checking it out.

As kohoutek said user studies themselves are good… if you’re going to do that you might was well do a flat-out usability study (if you changed stuff then possibly something got hard to use or find). Get your money out of it.

@Poes, I realize that the eyetracking studies are a beast and, well, “costly”. I’ve read a bit about it and thought I’d mention it, even if the method is both, expensive and not without problems.

Won’t sample poll work? It’s quite catchy, is not annoying & will take seconds to reply.

Heck, try to use all of the above. More info++

Hi Lisa,

Whats sample poll?

Hah, have you ever seen something like this :slight_smile:

Well, I am not really into that incentive idea. It’s likely that you wont get an honest answer from visitors that way. It would be better if you stick with the comments.