The best cpm for adult blog

What do you think is the best cpm for adult blog with 5000-6000 visits? is the good options. The CPM rates may differ according to the advertisers who buys banner spaces on your pages.

For CPM AdultAdWorld media is much better than BlackLabelAds.

If you have good traffic it makes more sense to sell your space direct

if you have many spaces for rent … would be easier to use some service …


It really depends if the Blog is about free adult sites (that traffic doesn’t worth too much) or payed services.

Use Black Label Ads and Adult AdWorld simultaneously in the same ad block(s). When you create a zone with BLA say yes to your site using other ads and make the BLA advertisers compete with AAW, this way your CPC and CPM will go up as it gives your site “value”.

Hope that helps out a bit.


i’m using juicyads for my site…