The age of Success - The dogma vs real vs reality

I am in my middle 30’s what is the reality of this life. I am left behind or that is a state of mind?

This article shows some conflicting and negated opinions as compared to the Populist beliefs →

I was a good student, but certain factors in life such as I survived two severe accidents one at the age of 17 and another at the age of 27 + Many other factors that impact our lives and change how we exist in this world.

I have started learning to program late and programming takes its own course of time as it is challenging and require persistence.

Every opinion will be appreciated even if they hold harsh opinions and hard facts of life.

Later, I also stumbled upon this article →


I think “Success” is achieved by a combination of hard-work and luck.

Establish what you want to achieve and not what others advise will be a suitable career!

Ideally select something that you enjoy otherwise it will be a chore and you will never become passionate about perfection. Success usually takes a long time during which you gradually learn from mistakes and increase your experience.

Maybe you will never be successful but at least you will enjoy the journey :slight_smile:


I forgot to mention timing. I watched a very good Ted Talk about startups that originally failed and were a roaring success a couple of years later. Specific examples were quoted and I think one of them was Youtube. Another reason could have been technology being inadequate such as mobile phones and a fast internet.

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