The 5 Most Popular Frontend Frameworks of 2014 Compared



Used most of these, not for finished sites but for prototyping and quick click throughs for user stories
Most of them are bloated and needs to be striped down


Susy and it's kind are, for me the best,


I think one of the underrated frameworks is INK. Came across this framework during a research my team did a couple of months back and I'm a big fan of it.


@Owain Thanks for the shoutout on Ink!

Also, note on the Foundation breakdown - we do have a customizer GUI


You can also check out Blackhole, which is a SASS / CSS framework designed with modularity in mind and very semantic. It comes with a simple config file in where you can adjust all the styling stuff for your project, before and during the project.

Momentarily it has around 130kb, without its modules (such as responsive support for all its components, RTL support, CSS3 features, a module which iterates and applies CSS3 properties assigned to your elements, etc.) and has bundled as a module some of the most used UIkit components and add-ons, which are ready to be used and in style with the overall look of the framework.

I also plan to release its second version, which will make the core even smaller, breaking its basic components and helpers into separate modules, ready to be loaded when needed.

It also features a Component Manager, which is an interface showing all the components and add-ons that are available to the framework, in an organized way, and with the HTML code attached to each of the components, to fast grab the specific base code.

Although it has a lot of modules and add-ons, you can use it in its raw state, which I told you is around 130kb, unminifed.

Keep in mind this project is still in his youth though, but I will do my best to improve it over time and all the feedback is very welcomed. Thanks!


Thanks for the info.. I have been looking at using Lost by the creator of Jeet, but unfortunately it doesn't support old Android browsers :frowning: I love how the HTML is not packed with a million class names with these type of grid systems but until old Android use drops, I'm looking for a different framework.. Has anyone had a chance to work with gridle?


Its a good comparison between the UI. However I would like to add MaterialUI by Google. Relatively new UI but its going at quite fast pace and since its a mobile first approach it can be used for the large projects which also have their apps.

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