The 2nd doesn't work properly

Hello to everybody,
The following code works in htlm, but when I convert to js the Ie pop-up Blocker inhibits the execution of the 2nd [].
Is there a way to pass over, since it is the visitor that decide to open the
Basically I would like to open a popup and at the same run the counter.htm for ShinyStats statistics. The counter.htm is setup to close immediatly.
Or can you please suggest other procedure to open a popup and launch a statistics counter?
Thanks in Advance.

document.write(‘<a href=“#”
width=1,height=1\’)”><img title=“Preise-prezzi-rates” border=“0”
src=“…/icons/prezzi.gif” width=“20” height=“20”></a><br>’);

One click allows one new window to open. It is to be expected that popup blockers would block any additional windows - otherwise someone could set up one link opening a billion new windows.

Ok. Clear.
Since I would like to know how many visitor will click on a link I can use a redirect function on the file counter.htm to the link/popup.
However since I have many links it is a time consuming procedure if I have to change something.
Do you a possibile solutions to open a popup and know how many click the link got with ShinyStats?

Thanks again.