The 10 Do(s) and Don't(s) of Outstanding Customer Service

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It’s all good advice and well put - we just have to put it into practice… :o)

You really have some good pointers!!! I enjoyed reading this VERY MUCH!! Thank you so much for taking the time to write this for people like me to read and learn!


It is printed and stuck up around my desk…thankyou.


Nice article

very nice information. i am 14 and have recently started a web design company, with my friend who designs the graphics. I sold my first website at thirteen and am trying to sell more. This website is extremely helpful in finding ways to serve my customers.

Excellent article. Reliability, honest and clear communications, fair-play, and gratitude in dealings with others are critically important IMO and I’m always surprised at how many people just don’t get that - or maybe don’t agree or don’t care. These principles and practices not only make for good business (and life in general), they make the whole process less stressful and much more enjoyable for everyone. The points made in this article are absolutely dead-on target.

This article was especially great to read after recently dealing with the Anti-Do. Really makes me appreciate the Do’s even more.

great article :slight_smile:

That was a pretty good article.

It really brings out the point that you need to look out for number one, your customers, because without them, your business wont make any money and fold :stuck_out_tongue:

this site shows the importance of the responsibilties of employees to the customers and the information is also readly avaible to researchers on this topic
thank you for your avaible article on this site

This is a pretty good site. It has some very good tips that can be used anywhere.

This was a good article and this is what costomer service should be like all over.

But remember “Customer is always right” Is not True!

This is all very basic and doesn’t get into much detail.

Agree with you…

But it is a good article indeed

great article.

can’t believe i didntn read it.

Good read, maybe some more ideas…

  1. Always speak in plain understandable langauge - not everyone know your industry specific jargon.

  2. Always go the “extra mile” to make sure your customer is happy

  3. If you have made a mistake fix it!

Great article, very interesting to read!

terrible article i cant stand it.

I really enjoyed this article. VERY well-written and helpful. I work in an office, and find this helpful!