That's just my two cents

I read the forum, and some of you end your reply with “That’s just my two cents”. What do you mean “That’s just my two cents”? :smiley: Is it an Internet language? :smiley:

It’s a secret.

And no one is ever going to tell you what it is! Bwhahahahaha.

:smiley: @ Russel.

It’s not an “Internet language” by convention. It’s just a popular saying in, I suppose, the English language. My translation of it would be “that’s my opinion.” :slight_smile:


Originally posted by Aes
It’s just a popular saying in, I suppose, the English language
No Mr American! :smiley: It’s your version of “my two pennies worth”

Sean :slight_smile:

Just to make it crystal… :wink:

If you were to contribute another 2 cents to someone else’s dollar then you could say “That’s my 2 cents worth (of contribution)”

In this situation it is used when adding a (usually short) comment to someone else’s discussion.

most sources ascribe this phrase’s origin to the game of poker

this site, generally well-regarded, has a different opinion

just mmy two cents :cool:

Its a colloquialism.
Like -
You cant have your cake and eat it.
That takes the biscuit.

That sort of thing.

:smiley: Sean! You always have to get the better of me, don’t you? Well, we will see who comes out on top. :wink:


The ban button is busy today! :smiley: :wink:

Sean :slight_smile:

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The ban button is busy today! :smiley: :wink:
:lol: Yeah, leverage your powers against the little guy. :frowning:

-Colin :wink:

Yeah, it’s probably British but I say ‘cents’ because of course we have cents here in Australia. I don’t know for sure.

Well, throw another shrimp on the barbie, mate.