That means I can't cash adsense checks?

I emailed adsense to understand how can I receive payments and this part…

Payment checks are issued by Citibank. If you have a USD check, please note that your bank will need to have a corespondent relationship with
Citibank. Please note that Google AdSense checks are for deposit only,
and are not able to be cashed.

Additionally, please be aware that different banks often take different
amounts of time to clear any check. We suggest contacting your bank
directly for more information.

:‘( :’( :cry:
I didn’t understand 'corespondent relationship '?
deposit only, then how could I cash them?
I never deal with a bank, I thought checks are cashed in banks :agree:

If you want to cash a google cheque you have two options:
1/ Open up a bank account, pay the cheque in, wait till it clears (i.e. your bank has the money) then withdraw the cash
2/ Fly to America, take the cheque into the bank that google uses. Take some form of identification (no matter how much you take you will no doubt have forgotten something improtant) and ask the kind lady behind the desk to cash your cheque. Of course they might still refuse. Wasted journey

That is your only two options unless you can get the money paid directly into your bank but then you still have the problem if you don’t have a bank account.

Just go to the bank you’ve got an account in, tell them that you want the money for the check. They will take the check, send it somewhere for verification, and once they’ve verified it (or something like that, don’t know exactly what the bank does after I give them the check), they’ll credit your bank account with the money of the check.

Or if you’re lucky like I am at the local bank, they’ll give you the money in advance.

Most likely it’ll be the first scenario though.

If you don’t have a bank account, how do you cash checks?

I don’t think you can without having a bank account… I know I can’t cash international checks at least without a bank account (I’m in Norway) - Don’t know how it would be elsewhere, but I would assume you’d need a bank account.

a currency exchange?

and some banks also cash checks without having an account…for a small fee of course

on another note. since citibank where the google account is from, you would be allowed to cash the check at any citibank location without having an account with them, correct?

In some banks you can cash check without having an account BUT it will cost you more and you will have to wait longer. I’ve tried it.

Better go to local bank and create an account. It must be fast and simple.

My (major US) bank holds out-of-state checks for 4 days and international checks for 10 days before crediting to my account.
Even if I get an affiliate check drawn from thier bank branch in a different state - they still hold for 4 days.

I don’t think I need a bank account! as I heard about fees for checks or kinda stuff…
Well, I may use my father’s account :lol:
how much would be the fees? I expect 150$ check not more, so fees must be few :frowning:

From personal experiance i can say that some banks takes % from check amount and some banks charges some 10-20 $ just for taking your check AND also takes % from amount. Call to few banks that are close to where you live and ask them about their rules.

who operates a business and does not have a bank account these days !!

By the way, I opened a new bank account just for clearing US cheques based on where I live. Sometimes it takes a month to clear the cheques.

This guy posting here is from Egypt, so I guess he might need some extra work dealing with bank. It’s not easy to find a good US bank here in my place that don’t charge a lot for clearing a cheque.

send me the check… i’ll send you some cash

Citibank has a branche in Egypt, I don’t see a problem if I went there? I mean why should travel to USA then? :slight_smile:

Dear Mr
I want to ask , Citibank Egypt Required me to have Bank account or I will get cash directlly from Them
I already Have cheque from google adsense

You should be able to deposit the cheque into any bank account as long as that bank will accept cheques drawn on citibank.