->(thank you very much)<- to all who helped me

A few months ago I knew next to nothing about web development. I then watched like 1000 hours of tutorials and was still a n00b. It was in building the sites and asking questions here and in some other sites that I was able to crack the shell of my egg and spread my wings. I cannot express the depth of my gratitude to those who helped me, but I’ve at least linked the sites and listed your names in the links section of my resume site. Take a look at what your teachings have produced:



http://patrickallard.000space.com/php.php contains your database credentials (username/password, etc). Might want to remove that (or obfuscate using ****).

Also, that script is vulnerable to SQL Injection, take a look at PHP’s [url=http://nl3.php.net/manual/en/function.mysql-real-escape-string.php]mysql_real_escape_string() function.

Otherwise, good thing you learned a lot :slight_smile:
In my experience doing something makes learn a lot more than just reading about / watching tutorials.
Keep it up! :slight_smile:

OH NO! lol ill have to fix that, ty