TextPad - Setting line length

Hi TextPad Users,

How can I set TextPad to automatically break to a new line once the line hits 65 char. long? I’m writing an article, that’s why I’m asking.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

To your success,

Jim Conley II

I don’t use textpad now, editplus 2 instead.
but there should be an option to wrap text round to a certain number of characters.

There is…

I don’t have TextPad installed, but you have to do something like this:
Go to the options window, and in the list on the left, choose the text “class” (i think it is class). You’ll have a lot of options there - towards the bottom of one of the options is what you need to change.

Sorry for not being more descriptive :slight_smile:

well i know a way but i’m not sure if its the best.
first make sure that your document window is exactly 65 chars long.

ctrl+a (select all) > right click > reformat

that should do it. another nice trick is to select all and the do:
edit > align > justify

Thanks ya’ll! And a special thanks to Aidan as I was able to set it to 65 char. from his instructions. Thanks! :slight_smile:

To your success,

Jim Conley II