TextArea, TextField and TextInput in Safari locked when Option-click on icon in Dock


TextAreas, TextFields and TextInputs in Safari seem to be locked when using Option-click on an icon in the Dock on Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

Problem breakdown:

  1. the user holds down Option (alt) and clicks, for example, on the Mail icon in the Dock
  2. the Safari window disappears, while Mail is opened, which is normal behavior for that keyboard shortcut
  3. the user returns to Safari, either by simply clicking the Safari icon in the Dock, or by using the Option-click shortcut
  4. the TextArea, TextField and TextInput in the Flash-object seem to be locked while you can still see the text cursor blink inside the TextArea, but nothing appears when you try to type in something

The only solution I’ve found to regain focus is clicking the desktop and then return to Safari without using the Option-click method.

Is there a real solution to this problem instead of my workaround?

I’ve encountered the problem on Mac OS X Snow Leopard using Safari 5.0.3 with the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.