Text Recognition on PDF is Inaccurate

That’s absolutely bizarre, The same two letter combination, but a different replacement letter.

If I were going to munge “ti” into a single character, I think it would be an “h” or “b”. I don’t see how “P” or “X” look that much like “ti”

I’m afraid not. It may be just a space or something but LucidaGrande is referred to 4 times. I have opened the PDF is a text editor but I don’t understand enough about the format of PDFs to make head or tail of it.

Okay. It sounds like everyone is stumped. Anyone have any potential solutions? :expressionless:

As I suggested earlier, use something else to produce the PDF. I don’t know which ones are available for Mac, but for Windows there are several utilities to create PDFs. Many of them install pseudo-printers so you can “print” virtually any document to a PDF file. CutePDF and FoxyPDF are a couple. PrintToPDF lookslike a Mac program.

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Ok, thanks!

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