Text/logo appear after you scroll down

I’ve noticed that quite few websites using technique, were when user scrolls down, something more appears on page eg. it can be nav list or logo ( as in this example http://www.zippergaleria.com.br/pt/ once you scroll slightly down, there logo appears on left corner), I’m sure I’ve seen on sitepoint somewhere as well :slight_smile:

I tried figure out how to make this happen … but …

Asking for your help guys, can you please explain me how to do it ?

(by the way, I’m novice, currently learning only CSS3 and HTML5. At the moment my idea is to master CSS and HTML, try to make many cool stuff on websites without using Javascript or anything else. Surely this technique can be done with css and html only, please tell me that i’m right :wink: )

Nope, you need JavaScript for that. :stuck_out_tongue:

hrrr :confused: … that means i need to start cracking java :slight_smile:

JavaScript … which is quite different from Java.

Yes, it’s very handy, though people get carried away with it, I feel—mostly using it for fancy stuff that gets in the way more than anything.

In a lot of situations, you can just cut and paste code rather than reinventing the wheel each time. There are many thousands of free scripts out there for doing all sorts of things, including this.

I am bit confused what is difference between java and javascript. Could you briefly explain me that?

The names are similar, just like “ham” is similar to “hamster”, or “car” is similar to “carpet” … but otherwise they are unrelated. They are two separate programming languages. You can read plenty about them on the web, such as Wikipedia. Javascript was designed primarily for scripting web pages, though it has much wider uses as well, wheras Java is a programming language not mainly associated with the web. (I’m not qualified to say too much, though. :slight_smile: )

Yeah you’ll need to start cracking javascript. But I wouldn’t recommend it until you’re thorough with HTML and CSS. Javascript has a lot more in it and its easier to learn once you know how to use.

JavaSCRIPT is a scripting language used within websites and Java is a high-level programming language. they are similar in terms of syntax and rules of application which means if you know either one of them, its easy to learn the other.

I’ve got a Javascript Bible by Goodman Morrison, it is HUGE :slight_smile: It is waiting on my desk, but I’m still working on css/html. Trying to master it :).

Does anyone know that book Javascript Bible by Goodman Morrison? Is it good? It is a bit old, probably ~4/5 y old. With javascript, is it same case as with html/css as they being updated every few years ?

Certainly new things are being added all the time, but that doesn’t mean that a book from some years back is useless. My favorite JS book is from 2005, and it’s perfectly relevant for today. Once you’ve learned the foundations, you can read about what’s new. Most of the new stuff / practices are for higher level JS rather than the basics.