Text link [anchor text] or image link [alternative text]

For google PR, which one is better? Text link [anchor text] or image link [alternative text]?

Google will usually pay slightly more attention to text that appears as text when compared to alt text for an image. This is partly a consequence of people keyword-stuffing in alt text to try to mislead search engines.


Thanks Steve D, very good point from you. I believe we can learn a lots from you.

Neither of those have got anything to do with PR, I think you may be confused about what it is.

If your Alt Desc is identical to the words you would have used if you’d made the link textual rather than an image, I don’t know if Google would see them any differently. When they weight links they’re looking at much more than just the link itself.

sorry about that I definitely overlooked the PR in the question.
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Text link is always better. But, if you’re using image links to advertise - make sure they contact "alt=“keyword here” in the image code.

I’d recommend reading the SEO faq, it’ll tell you more.