Text Link Ads: Buy Your Way to the Top?

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My steps

  1. find the relevant top ranking site.
  2. check the other sites advertising within this site.
  3. what are their PR and Alexa ranks.
  4. do they have a known backlink for the above site according to the search engine you want to gain high ranks for.

hope that makes sense but obviously theres a bit more to it.

Also ‘dont put all your eggs in one basket’. When acquiring links, spend your time and money on a mixture of paid, free, forums, blogs and directories.


Quick question , I have a couple of twitter profiles that are pr5 , now for my question is it possible to rent the profile link? If so what do you think that it would be worth?

Best way is to find out where your competitors are linking.


I am looking to buy PR7 textlink on homepage. Send me the details if you have any. Thank you.

TLA tends to be overpriced, IMO. You get better deals browsing the ads on forums like sitepoint and dp.

You’re right.

Hi there

I also agree, i tryed them once and wasnt happy with the links i was suggested, I wonder if google are going to crack down on TLAs site as they are going to try to crack down on sites sellings text links openly aint they ?


I think google have TLA sites in thier targets and are working out ways to kill thier effectiveness. IMO if u buy TLA buy from a site not actively selling them.

Is this like using PPC to generate backlinks?



no u buy a textlink on a site for a month, they sent me an email saying i will get $100 off my first sale, so i had a go with it, fortunatly it didnt cost me much,

Otherwise it would have been a complete waste of money their links are extremely expensive and put in really crap places on the websites they were added to I think it was $80 a month for a text link on a pr6 blog, cashing in on people they way they have done, serves them right i hope google sort them out lol !


Can someone confirm this actually works?


I use paid links and got good resutls at google using paid links.

paid links works out pretty good but i will have to agree with (i-net forums, DIR, and Blog) before you know it you be all over the internet.

There seems to be a penalty in google against text-link-ads.com

Try searching for:
text link ads

They don’t even come up for their name.

Better yet, search for

SitePoint comes up first.

I have nothing against text-link-ads.com, but there is some strange stuff going on so be careful. :slight_smile:

You are correct i noticed this a while ago, it usually comes up with a sponsored link to click mind !


Yes I think there is no doubt Google have a great search product but they have a lot of influence now over webmaster behavior and have many webmasters scared and second guessing not what is good for readers but what is good for Google.

Text Link Ads is useless to me. If they had any interest in creating a product / service that would be of any use at all someone who didn’t want to be busted by Google, I would have never took the time to build my own system fo buying / selling links.

Since no one else out there seemed interest enough in building a REAL link system, I had to do it myself.

It sickens me when you look at the millions of dollars that Text Link Ads makes every month and then you see that Matt Cutts called out this kind of linking in 2005 yet they still haven’t done anything about it.


Didn’t Matt Cutts call out your kind of linking in 2007?

lol aaronjj!

Text Link Ads are still a very viable way to get top in the rankings, most definetely.

Few words of advice though:

  • Don’t go overboard, buy say 5-6 a month and add extras every month
  • TLA are very volitile, Google might figure out an algo to detect that link you bought, and then before you know it you might drop 10 ranks.

And Brandon - Your’s is no different to TLA they just provide the url and you don’t! Believe me, Google does NOT index Text-Link-Ads - because it would be breaking their own guidelines… Notice the no-follows on every link in TLA…

Google’s only way of detecting paid links would be on the page they are bought on, and generally speaking it would not be a penalisation for the site linked TO but a ignoring of the passed link value which may seem like a penalisation but it definetely isn’t!

One great example of a site that sells TLA’s is howstuffworks.com they probably net $100k a month from tla’s i would imagine, have they been penalised in Google?

You can be sure that isn’t true.