Text/HTML Ratio is only 2% on My Blogger.com Blog, How to Sort it Out?

Yesterday, I analysed my blog Tips2secure.com and I got a result in warning that my blog has very less ratio of HTML and text. Check message in this image which I got yesterday.

Now, kindly please check my blog posts and make me clear is true, what they are saying? If yes then How I can improve it? I don’t think so much, that I use more HTML than Text. Even I always write my Posts in TEXT, but still they are giving me this message. Pls guide me. Thanks.

tips2secure? Hmmm, I’ve never heard of that search engine.

Anyway, how big are your pages, over 100KB?

This 2011 article by Craig Buckler may enlighten.

Does Your Text to Code Ratio Matter?

I agree with Mittineague and Craig. It doesn’t look like text / HTML ratio is a real thing. You can check Google’s guidelines.

SEO has tons of snake oil salesmen. You should consider their claims dubious until proven otherwise. (You may have to play journalist a little bit.) Try to track their claims back to an original source. If the original source is a statement made by Google, that’s good. But if the source is a random Joe’s blog who made the claim out of thin air, or if there’s no source at all, that’s bad.

EDIT: As another example, I’d be dubious even of the 100KB limit mentioned in Craig’s article. Again, we need to play journalist and follow the information to its source to verify it’s real. (Sadly, Craig’s article didn’t provide any references.) But while I was researching this claim (i.e., googling), I found this discussion in which a Google employee says it’s a limitation of the Webmaster Tools user interface, and that googlebot itself has no such limitation.

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Am not using any HTML tags to write my content, I only use to hyperlink but only 3-4 links at max. I am using blogger.com as blogging platform and write articles using their basic editor.

I think there is something wrong in my template which are converting my texts into HTML tags?? What you would say for that? pls analyse once, if you can do and let me know if there is any issue with blog?

Ah, sorry, I missed that tis2secure was your blog before.

Some WYSIWYG editors do add a lot of HTML (eg replacing newlines with p tags) but that doesn’t seem to be the major cause of the page text to HTML ratio.

It looks to me to be a massive amount of CSS near the beginning and quite a bit of JavaScript near the end.

IMHO this would be better to have in referenced files and not be part of every page.

Personally, I wouldn’t worry about it much though if it is a result of using blogger.com

If you look at other blogger.com sites, are their pages similar in regards to the CSS and JavaScript?

If so, and it bothers you that much, I guess you need to consider it a limitation imposed by choosing to host on blogger.com and consider hosting somewhere else where you have more control.

If not, then it might be worth looking at other templates.

Can you help me to remove unwanted CSS designs and Javascript from my blog, Tips2secure.com?

What did your research show, is it a blogger.com or template problem?

Normally other blogs on blogger have 5-12% text/html ratio. but mine is only 2% and i think its happening because of template and their CSS and javascripts.

Also page size is 154KB

Is it worth to change my blog template for this issue or not, according to you?

I’m still not convinced that it is template related.

All of the few blogger.com sites that I looked at had the same issue of large amounts of CSS and JavaScript being part of the page.

So to me it looks more like it is because this is the way blogger.com is designed and intended to work.

As I posted previously “I wouldn’t worry about it”, so no.
At least not unless you are dissatisfied with the theme for other reasons.

Certainly not because “Someone on the internet that wasn’t Google said this is important for SEO”

I have solved with my issue and also comeover the blogger limitations, visit again http://www.tips2secure.com , now home page size is only 74 kb instead of 155kb and text/html ratio is 34% instead of 2%. Now am fully satisfied. For solving this I have changed template and did many other changes in coding and designs. I will shortly write a tutorial on that, how I have solved with this issue and post here also. You can also feel that spped of this website is very fast now. Thanks for your replies and suppport.

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