Text align top!

Hey guys Im rusty!

Im trying to align text to the top of a table I have.

I tried

table style = vertical-align: top
table style = text-align: top

Im not sure what I’m doing wrong, I don’t usually do this with tables, but DIVs.

Maybe you forgot the quotes: style = “vertical-align: top” ? :slight_smile:

Also: table td{vertical-align: top; } I think works in the css.
If not, <td valign=“top”> in the html instead of the inline style could be a solution.

Yes the vertical-align is applied to the td and not the table itself.:slight_smile:


ah foolish me :slight_smile: I dunno what has gotten into me :slight_smile:
Congrats on the book PaulOB :slight_smile:

Congrats on the book PaulOB

Cheers :slight_smile: