Testing your site in different window sizes

Can anyone offer in their experience how do you guys test your web site for different monitor sizes?


Really easy - simply grab the edge of the browser when using a desktop or laptop computer and drag it so the browser gets narrower or wider the see how the page rearranges itself as the width changes.

Press window-leftarrow or window-rightarrow to have the browser take up half the screen width to see how the page looks on the common side-by-side setup that wide screens make possible for those whoi want to use two apps at the same time.

Yes , you can test your website for different monitor size by your browser . Like Google Chrome . And Mozilla Firefox. in Mozilla firefox , Right to click to inspect element . and click on Responsive Design Model in the right side beside setting icons . After that you can select your size as ur choice . Thanks

The Web Developer Toolbar has a “View Responsive Layouts” option, which gives you a quick view of several popular sizes at once. Another option will allow you to resize the window easily to a specific pixel size.

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Yes, essay way Go to the Tool menu in Firefox and Inner Web Developer option then get list of tools for Web Developer. Select Responsive Design View.

Tools > Web Developer > Responsive Design View (Ctrl + shift + M)

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