Testing Website In Different Internet Explorer

Hello, is it possible to test my website in different Internet Explorer versions, without the need to install every one of them?

The first thing you should know is that MSN itself has dropped support for all but IE11 and above and for security reasons it is advised that you do not encourage your users to use unsafe systems. The recent ransomware attacks were mainly due to people using old and insecure browsers.

The usage of browsers less than IE11 is virtually negligible (probably less than 1%) these days any way and there is not much point devoting hours of testing to an outdated and dangerously insecure browser.

Of course there may be special cases where you have to support these older browsers and the only real option is to download the virtual machines from modernIE and that will allow a full representation of each version but is a bit of a pain to maintain.

If you have an old computer with windows8 then you can use the IEtester program but I’m not sure if that is still working these days and was very buggy in days of old.

You have probably noticed that the devtools in IE11 allow you to emulate other versions of IE but these are very inaccurate also and not really much use at all as they don’t render many of the behaviours and bugs that you would be looking to test.

One of the easiest options is to buy an old secondhand computer (or 2) for a few pounds and use that for testing an older version of IE but don’t use it to surf or keep anything important on it. I used to have three old computers and 2 laptops for testing in the days when IE was widely used but now I’ve chucked them all in the dustbin where they belong :slight_smile:


I’ve used https://www.browserstack.com/screenshots to give me an idea of how it will render on older browsers. It only returns a picture though so you can’t debug as such.


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