Testing server setup: PC <> NetGear Router <> Thin Client as server

I was given a Wyse Thin Client to play with (2gb ram / 16gb SATA drive / with USB 60gb external drive) and I have decided to put it to use as a Testing Server. I loaded the bare essentials Windows 7, WampServer 2.5, Firefox, and Notepad++ on to the Thin Client.

My Windows 7 desktop PC is where I build web sites (and, also where I use to run WampServer), but now I want to dedicate the Wyse Thin Client (TC) as a local Testing Server.

In between the PC and the TC I placed an old NetGear Wireless-G router; I hard-wired (RJ-45) the connections: PC-to-router-to-TC and turned off the wireless broadcast on the router. The hardware setup is: desktop PC <ethernet> NetGear Router <ethernet> small TC.
The local network addresses PC is; the Router admin page is; the TC is; and I reserved the PC and TC addresses in the router’s LAN Setup.

Also, the PC and TC have their own independent wireless internet connections; the router has none.

Getting the PC and TC to access their respective wireless internet connections and maintain an ethernet connection to the router at the same time is the challenge. By default Windows 7 deferred to the ethernet connection and did not allow wireless internet on both the PC and TC systems. So I researched having both the Ethernet and Wireless network connections open.

So far, I opened Control Panel> Network and Internet> Network and Sharing Center> Change Adapter Settings> Local Area Connection> Properties> IPv4> Properties and turned off “Obtain IP automatically” and assigned the local network IP address on the desktop PC.

Now the PC can access the wireless internet and the ethernet connection to the TC. And the WampServer 2.5 software, which is running on the TC, has a “Put Online” feature, which I turned on… the desktop PC can now see the WampServer localhost page at Great!

But the TC has no wireless internet connection.

So I follow the same Control Panel path on the TC, and assign the local network IP address and now the wireless internet on the TC is working, but the WampServer localhost is lost to the desktop PC.

So I un-assign the local IP address on the TC and loose the wireless internet connection on the TC in favor of having the WampServer localhost page and wireless internet available on the desktop PC.

Any clues on getting the TC wireless internet to work and still maintain the internet and ethernet connections on the PC?

And I am also wondering… how is my security… the TC’s WampServer 2.5 is ONLINE with a USB wireless modem (not connecting to the internet). The NetGear router wireless signal is disabled.

Thanks in advance,

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