Testing My eCommerce Site Payment Gateway using Credit Card

Hello Sitepoint!

I figured some users here are very much helpful. I might want to ask. I need help on testing out my ecommerce website gateway using a credit card. I successfully integrated paypal payment on it and figuring how to add a credit card. I understand I need to have some third party stuff to have it but I want to test it out directly first.

I need a valid credit card to test it out. I couldn’t possibly use my own credit card though.

How do you guys do it?

There are tons of websites that offers valid credit card numbers.
try ccardgenerator.com or fakedata.net if you want to have a fake identity on your credit card as well.

thanks for that… I know how to get valid credit cards. I figured I am not clear on my question. Im using shopify and its giving me a hard time integrating a credit card payment option on my country.

Any more answers?

Can you expand on “giving me a hard time”? Are you asking about how to code the card payment section, or card information to use for testing? For the latter, don’t most payment gateways have their own test numbers you can use. If the issue is country-specific perhaps you could mention what country it is.

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Hello james_r

First of all thank you for trusting the Sitepoint Community and it’s users. I’ve checked all your conversations with users I thing you need the country specific test credit card numbers for your integration. I’ve checked multiple websites but they are just providing valid credit card details, but if you need country specific cards to test your integration then VCCGenerator is great solution for you.

VCCgenerator generates BIN based and location based test credit card numbers for Shopify and other e-com platforms.

Hope this helps.

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