Testing/discussion about JS obfuscation


JavaScript Obfuscation is always a topic which generates some controversy. Its use has many pros and cons depending on what one wishes to achieve. We have extensive knowledge about the subject and we would like to encourage a open discussion on the topic of JavaScript obfuscation: Techniques, application cases, …

Why are we interested in talking openly about this? Well, we are developing a new tool for javascript obfuscation which is still in beta and would like to improve it based on you feedback. If you wish you can check it out at: www.jscrambler.com.


What would the obfuscated code look like?

function Test(arg)
    this.prop = arg + 1;
    this.method = function() {
        return arg + this.prop;

var o = new Test(5);

How well does it work when parts of the code contains eval or variants of it like Function()? And when the input to eval is indeterminate(contains external input)? I would think it would be impossible to safely change some, possibly all, identifiers in such a case.

Create your own test subjects containing what you might find to constitute a problem and test them out.

You have nothing to loose doing so and you will have a better idea of what it looks like and how well does it work at the end :wink:


Any thoughts? Anyone did test it?

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