Testimonials options?

I have my best referrals on Angie’s list which are true and verified but AL only allows members to view the referrals, they give a Review badge which can be placed on your site but when you click on it you still have to sign in as a member before you can see the reviews so that won’t work for the average visitor, I am thinking of having the AL review page as a screenshot opening up into a full page so the reviews can be seen whenever anyone hover over the badge, can this be done or is there a better option please?

You’re getting close to popup territory, and no one likes those, so be careful. Also be careful of annoying your visitors with what appear to be advertisements (testimonials are pretty much adverts for yourself). Other than that, there are many lightboxes out there that will suit your needs. You might also want to make sure that you’re not violating any TOS for Angie’s List.

Thank you very much for the suggestion, I will definitely look into it but I am not understanding the difference between the effect of a pop up and a lightbox? Also, where Angie’s List is concerned, the way I see it when I put their badge on my page that’s “free” advertising for them so it’s only fair I can use the testimonials I have gotten on their site from which they have made money becuase the people who left the feedback for me had to pay for membership to post those reports so Angie’s list gets more benefits out of this than I will. As far as testimonials being advertisements, every designer says that testimonials are essential for people to have confidence to do business with you?