Test movie menu option greyed out and publish movie menu options dissappear

Hi there,

i started up my laptop this morning and i found out that my adobe flash cs4 professional options test movie has been disabled even when i try to do the shortcuts control + enter it does nothing nor does the publish settings menu option show up at all,

How can i fix this? What is going on with my copy of adobe flash cs4?

Can anyone help?


The fastest way to get help in these issues is by calling Adobe support.

i dnt wanna be waiting around for several hours waiting a response from adobe as there is no information regarding this on the web thats what i have been told and i kinda need this fixed asap.

Normally, functions are shut when a trial has expired.

Have you downloaded the latest updates for it?

There’s a live chat right now, so that is the fastest way for you to get help: