Test -- I can't test in IE


this is for a test, I can’t test in IE (am on mac, am not running any of those virutal things you need to run IE…)

they said it has to work in IE8, 7, 6…

I would appreciate it very much if someone could look @ this in IE and let me know if it looks ok… (design comp is here: http://mayacove.com/test/comp.jpg)

(only puzzling thing about this test is these instructions:

Use the same ad image and the same blue circle for both the left and right placement.
“AB” should be system text.

the text thing is np… but the blue circle thing, due to the drop-shadow on that circle I wasn’t able to do as they said… just curious what you think of this… but: main thing is I need to find out if it looks ok in IE (i.e., as in FF and comp)

thank you very much…

There are a couple anomalies in IE8, XP

  1. The top menu wraps (removing display:inline from ul#nav fixes that)
  2. The “You may select…” doesn’t have the red border and it’s below the checkboxes instead next to it
  3. The “click on the instructions” block of text is not centered.

ok, I think fixed all three issues…

can u look again please… would appreciate it…


thank you very much…

take out “display:inline” for ul element?? weird… ok, I think that did fix it (and didn’t mess it up in FF…) I thought that was the way to get lists to display horizontally… (I guess display:inline-block for li element does the trick then… and in there scan’t use 'display:inline b/c then they’re stacked – b/c of display:block for <a>'s… this stuff always gives me a hard time…:wink:

(normally would have done this w/sprites, but they sent the cut images along for the links, so did like that…)

thank you very much…

Yup - that fixed it.

You are correct, because you want to apply the behavior to the element (li), not the container (ul).