Ten Fingers Typing


I want to learn ten fingers typing. I googled a bit but also wanted to know if there is any suggestion for an online tutorial or desktop software by my Sitepoint folks.


I’ve seen a few folks playing the typer shark flash game to help practice typing


There’s always those teaching products like Mavis Beacon which have been produced to increase your typing skill levels. :slight_smile:

Hey owerio,

As a speed typist my only advice is to practice, practice, practice! There are lots of teaching programs out there and the games are a great way to keep you glued to the keyboard! I used Mavis Beacon for a while when I first started typing but any program can do the same job, you just need to keep focussed and dedicated to it and you will pick it up in no time :tup:

There is a free resource that I use for my students and they have some basic lessons for free also - I am in no way affiliated with this website it is just something I found a few years back and works wonders: www.typeonline.co.uk

Best of luck with your typing! :slight_smile: