Temporary phone number sites?

Hi folks, new here to the community! Need some advice -

I want to sign up to a crypto exchange (it has a coin im interested in day trading with)… when i try registering to the site it is asking me to verify with a phone number - problem is im not really sure the site is legit and do not want to enter my own real phone number. Has anyone used those temporary number sites? Do they work?

Then my advice would be to steer well clear.

Why would you risk trading on a site you don’t trust?


As Techno says. You’re not willing to trust the site with your phone number, but you’re willing to give them your money and/or credit details?

Reevaluate your options.


Maybe you could find out by serching the net for comments of the site and its owners?

Just my two cents. :slightly_smiling_face:

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