Temporary mobile solution for my forum

I have a vB 3 forum and I need to create a responsive style for it in order to make it work on every device. The problem is that some functions are hard coded whitihn the current tables layout so it will need time and it will be a long thing to accomplish. As far as I currently offer TapaTalk for the mobile users, I thought that I could create a temporary CSS/JS popup that cover all the page - obviously dismissable - that inform you to use TapaTalk if you’re connected with a mobile device. This message will be shown only if a user enter with a mobile device. Now my problem is how to create it. Do you have some suggestions? Maybe would be better to create a dedicated page instead (eg /community/mobile/ where I redirect mobile devices and inform them there)? Probably this last solution would be better. I could insert a button to go back to the community - if you just want to continue to it, even viewing on mobile, rather than using the TapaTalk App. But how to do this? Suggestions needed. :smile:

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