I have been working on starting a web design/development company. I am an artist and designer first, I have a developer on board, however we are both beginning this process in our spare time and the more I research I do the more questions I seem to have.
My favorite part of the process is the chance to re-brand and bring a company up to date. However getting a site up and running as quick as possible is important and designing from scratch seems to take loads of time. I would rather spend my time working on a great logo/brand and thoughtful color scheme and concept than build rollovers all day. It seems that there are many customizable templates available that have the java script included, look really sleek and have all of the bells and whistles. Where do I find these templates and how easy are they to customize and use for someones personal/professional website?

Try Themeforest.net

There’s a bunch there.

You should check out Fine Art Studio at www.fineartstudioonline.com

They have a variety of packages that can meet the needs of any budget.

From www.websitetemplates.com you can get various templates according to your category, but I suggest you should try freelancing to design your templates in whatever way you want.