Template questions

I’ve been working on a template system, where the user can inout text and it outputs it on a html design.

My next step is that I would like the use to input images in to the template. I have found a nice jQuery tool called JCrop which seems to have all the features I need (Crop and resize) But I feel to make it easy for the user i need it to kind of work in the following process.

Select Image to upload
Resize image (will be the same size all the time)
Crop the image
Save locally

Another feature Im am interested in adding is automatic paragraphs for example I have a text area and would like it to input a <br>/<p> tag to define a new paragraph when the user has inputted text that is on different lines.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

nl2br is probably what you want to use for those line breaks

Thanks I shall have a look in to how it works in a bit.

Thanks Renkai that worked a treat. Just need to solve issue one now :wink: