Template dropdown not showing up for pages

I was working on a wordpress site locally with custom templates and they were working just fine. I made the website live, but the dropdown to select a template for a page isn’t showing up. The funny thing is that the pages that were/are using the templates still are recognizing those templates. I just don’t have the option to select templates for new pages. Any ideas?

I’m using the standard name method.

The templates are in my theme folder

* Template Name: Home Template

The site is on a subdomain and I’m wondering if that could have anything to do with it. I wouldn’t think that it would, but maybe.

Well, i just realized that I’m getting an error that the theme style sheet is missing even though I can see it in the theme folder. WTH

The funny thing is that the theme function fine until I deactivated it and tried out another theme. Now it’s telling me that the theme is broken. WTH again

Well, I finally figured it out.

There were 2 issues.

  1. The theme name in the style sheet was capitalized and had spaces
    Theme Name: Modest Clothes to modestclothes

The theme name in the Stylesheet should be exactly the same as the theme folder

  1. I had deleted the index.php file which led to an error of “template missing” I’m not going to use that template, but I guess WordPress wants it in there since it is one of the default templates.
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Glad you got it sorted, Brian. Thanks for coming back to share the answer, too. :slight_smile:

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