Template and applying them

Could some one please explain:

<xsl:apply-template select=" " />

And how to use it with:

<xsl:template match=" "> </xsl:template>

I don’t understand. This is a simple yes or no with a description on why type question. I see views but it seem like any of you is smart enough to answer this nor my other question.

what is apply-template?

Is it use to call a template element by matching the match attribute context node with it’s select attribute context node. Is this true? if so, does the path to the node matter when matching both attribute up(most the xPath syntax be the same for both attribute for the apply-template to be able to call that particular template)? And is this the only way to use apply-template element(can it not stand alone to match a particular node context by absolute path in the target or link to xml document)?

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