Technology not an audience for Facebook


My website is a software information and tutorial blog, targeted at a medium technical skill level.
And I’ve noticed that getting likes on my Facebook page (which equates to traffic) is extremely difficult.

I see many other developing Facebook pages that are similar to mine (Technology). I’ve been posting and commenting my material frequently on those pages, liking and commenting theirs too: but my traffic is stagnant. Technology pages mostly have very low page likes (200); and the one’s that do have likes (50,000) I suspect use 3rd party software, as their posts have very low user engagement.

In contrast, “lol images” type pages have an extremely high amount of page likes and user engagement.

So my conclusion is that Facebook is not the way to promote a technology website. :sick:

Could anyone point me towards another way to promote A technology blog?
I’ve been thinking Linkedin and making a forum presence in tech forums, but other than that I am blanking. (Maybe twitter?)

Thanks in advance.

Hi Chakeda, welcome to the forums.

I imagine many FaceBook pages are not “Liked” as much from within FaceBook, as they are from “Like” buttons found on the website pages FaceBook members visit.

For “targeted Likes” - the ones that matter, make sure you at least have a link to your FaceBook page on your website pages (such as the one in this page’s footer) if not a “Like” button.

Thanks Mittineague, I learned much from browsing here and I plan on giving back.

I have a facebook plug-in on my website; I believe that is mandatory for every modern webpage.

Thanks for the reply, I guess I should work on SEO before social media promotion.

this sentence brought me the light at the end of the tunnel. why not make memes or lol images related to technology? memes are very popular now, so take advantage of that.

I have looked through many technology/software/tutorial pages on Facebook.

The most popular, highly engaged tech pages are the ‘technology meme’ type pages. Actual technological information is minimal and makes the least amount of likes.

I guess this is a reminder that the majority audience of Facebook wants to laugh; not learn or buy products.

Usually people go to Facebook to socialize and have a break for 10-15 minutes. Most of them are looking for something interesting or funny pictures. As someone above suggested, you can post tech memes or any other jokes related to technology.