Technology needed to have multiple sidebars?

I have a site up now at

The site is using wordpress and I have been thinking about tearing it down and recreating it using simple html and css code.

My question is, on some of my inner pages I have unique sidebars with links for each page… what technology should i use to code that?

If i am not clear enough… I want my army pages to have the army sidebar with its corresponding links, the navy to have the Navy sidebar and so on and so forth…(just one sidebar per page)

is that something i can do using just css or will i have to put in some java, php or other?

maybe html5 class ids or something… please let me know what direction i should be looking in to fulfill my need for page speed lol

why? – the site seems to function and look decent as it is. Besides once you rebuild it adding dynamic items is going to be a hassle, especially if your not familiar with server side programming. The site doesn’t seem anywhere near large enough to be suffering any critical WP inefficiency issues.

You can do that with normal HTML and style it with CSS. However, you can use something like PHP includes to make the process more efficient. These allow you to create one instance of a unique sidebar and place it on all relevant pages, similar to having a single external CSS file that applies to all pages.

Yes, fortunately they are very simple. My link above was my own 'umble attempt to explain them … at least to myself.

Thats exactly what I was wanting to hear…

So i should research PHP includes

Thanks a lot

Im mostly concerned with site speed.

I have used a couple of site speed tests such as pingdom and before the site would take over 10 seconds to load, I have disabled my large homepage jquery thing to help speed things up.

Since google uses site speed as a factor in page rankings, I am just wanting to maximize my growth potential.