Technical question: building a big project - what way

I’m an IT manager and will be responsible to move all our products to online world.

What we need is to make a) our own database and set of classes where we will put our business logic so that outsourcing companies can use it, and b) a functional site (outsourced) where product will be created.

So we will have our own server + classes, final products will be outsourced and will use our part (database, classes,…).

What is the right technical way to do so. Should we create web services and outsourcers use them to create the products for us or are the other better more standard ways. Direct connection to the database,…???

We don’t want our contractors to have access to our data, at lease not direct access.

Database will be MS SQL server, products could be PHP or APSX.

Any help or hints are appreciated.


Thanks Molona, thats more then i hoped for. I will go check the amazon API’s.


I’m not sure what’s your business model since outsourcing companies are building your products, but what you want to build is an API for your database. In this way, outsourcers can get the information you want to give them without touching your database directly.

Something similar to what Amazon uses so their affiliates can get products from Amazon’s database, promote them and sell them. Amazon holds all the information and details of the products, classification and all, but affiliates use the API that Amazon provides to connect to the database and do search on real time basis and feed them into their sites, building their own stores without having even a single database. Amazon does all the work :slight_smile:

I think that’s what you want.