Tech-ED 2011

Hey peeps.

Is anybody going to this years Tech-ED 2011 convention? I thought about going, before I saw the price tag. :slight_smile: Oh well, maybe next year. If you have been, does the price of admission include any free software? Their is a vid on the event, and it looks bad ass! :wink:

No way I can make it this year, May is a bad month for me. I’ve paid more for things . . .

I’ve never paid that much for anything. Not even my car. It would be nice to go one time though.

Other angle is, if I were to go to one MS event this spring, I would go to MIX over that any day. Much more interesting show in alot of ways. Oh, and there are hot marketing girls there.

HAHA. You’ve got to love the Booth Babes, especially at E3. Seeing your favorite video game characters in person is sweeeeeeet! :wink:

Oh, not booth babes – there isn’t an expo with booths at MIX. You just get a more “mixed” crowd than one sees at most tech events. And I’ve been to alot of tech events with alot of neckbeards.