Teamviewer free version limitation

hi all

is any one using teamviewer ??

on their website they say that it is free for personal use.

so can anyone tell me what is the limitation of personal use.

if i install it and send my user password to any other person then will he be able to access my computer with this free version ??


When you start Teamviewer up, it should create an access code which you give to the person who you want to give access to the computer.

You should read their T&Cs.

To add on to @SamA74’s response

The workflow is like so

  1. You and the other participant must install TeamViewer
  2. Whichever computer the one of you needs to connect to, needs to ask for that computers Unique ID and Access Code
  3. Enter that information and it will prompt the other person that someone is trying to connect
  4. They must accept the connection
  5. Profit, you are connected

At the same time, the end user can restrict the participant to just View mode. Meaning, they do not have control of the mouse or keyboard. And the end user would have to grant access to those too (potentially).

So yes, with the Free version, you can do all of that.

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Thanks SamA74 and cpradio for the answers


I didn’t find a T&C, but there is this FAQ

As private use we understand any use of TeamViewer for purposes that are neither directly nor indirectly paid. It is not about whether the service itself is paid but whether the service is rendered within the context of the creation of an added value with some kind of financial compensation.

In any case, a use of TeamViewer with family and friends without any financial compensation is considered private use.


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