Team Foundation Server 2010

I work for a small development company in Omaha, NE. My boss is interested in Team Foundation Server 2010 and has asked me to do some research.

I’m reading articles and watching videos right now, but thought I’d check with here with my fellow dev types.

What do you think of TFS2010? Can a 5 man shop working on 100 to (rare) 1000 hour size projects benefit from TFS2010? What about PHP or other languages? Is it difficult to change from coding/basic source control/email communications to a more structured environment?

My biggest concern is spending a lot of time learning the tool and then spending a lot of time updating the tool instead of actually coding.


Do you already do everything in Visual Studio? It doesn’t really make sense to move to TFS if you’re not already working within Microsoft’s environment. Pretty much everything Microsoft makes for business is designed to be a piece in a larger Microsoft-centric environment so that as your business grows, you piece together more of their software.

Yes, we use Visual Studio 2008 as our primary IDE. I use Expression Web for the occassional PHP or ASP project. We use Visual SVN for source control.

My biggest concern with TFS is that it seems like it is geared for large companies with large programming teams. Can it help 5 guys sitting in the same room code better or manage projects better?