Team based password manager

Hi Everyone, Within our team we are phasing out an internal password system. Now we are looking around for a password manager that can be used on a team (and individual) basis.

Does anyone happen to have good experiences with a particular password manager?
We find many self-hosted versions, but are still looking at what is easiest when we run this for a medium-sized organization. seems awesome, but I think there are a lot of simular kind of software

I used to use LastPass privately, and still use it for work, while I’ve switched to Bitwarden for my personal stuff.

I like Bitwarden a lot better than LastPass. It feels way more snappy and responsive, plus the UI feels more intuitive (to me).

I have been using last pass for personal password storage for the last several years. If the need arose to use it for business I would probably give it a whirl for that. Never used Bitwarden and haven’t heard of it until today.

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