Targetting On Pinterest / Twitter

Does anyone know how to target specific people e.g Follow on these two sites.

I’d be looking for brides mainly, am I missing a simple trick.


Twitter and Pinterest are a world apart in how they work so let’s tackle each directly:

On twitter people are talking about experiences, vendors, questions, whatever’s on their mind or feed. Thus to get to them you either need the people they follow to mention you or to have a reason to go out to them directly [and having something to sell doesn’t count]. To get mentions you’ve got to create content worth sharing and then find a few people willing to share it out by building relationships. To reach out to someone directly you don’t need the same depth of work but you do have to have something relevant to say and the right place to say it. A common tactic is to watch keyword searches on your area and chime in when people have questions that you can answer… not to sell them on you but to establish yourself as a leader in the field. People make the connection themselves.

Pinterest is of course all visual and even more viral as a result so really your goal is to get content reshared. Here thing breaks down to can you create something and push it out yourself or are you better off letting people find something on your site and share one at a time with the pin bookmarklet or on-site widget. Either way you have to have something people want to be sharing… visual content. Ideas range from curating or even creating the very best in a category to developing infographics, how to’s and funny meme pieces that people pass around for education or a laugh on the topic.

Regardless of the tool one thing remains the same: results happen when you build engagement around value. If you try to go in to market to people on the channels directly you’ll get ignored, possibly rejected and sometimes openly called out. Be a part of the conversation and give people a reason to share you.

Thanks Ted for the great answer.

One Q?

watch keyword searches - How do I do this. Fairly new to twitter, so many hundreds of other things to do I can’t keep up…

Cheers. I’ll have a look to see if I can figure it out…

Okay. 1st thing that came up was monitter, will have a look at that…

Get a desktop application like TweetDeck so you can setup multiple filters and accounts. It makes tracking conversations much much easier than using the web interface.

In my own opinion, in Twitter try to target users that related to your products in the specific locations. If you’re targeting a US, try to follow US Twitter users. They might interested with your products.

you can also use hootsuite.

Just a quick note about Pinterest: i’ve noticed that its more women that like to pin stuff.

That’s the absolute truth about Showing Off!

By the way Twitter & Pinterest are way too much different. Twitter is leader in micro blogging whereas Pinterest is now a leader in Pin Board.

So true. some say that 80%-90% of Pinterest users are Womens.

That’s a large number, but I’m seeing people in other forums saying the same. It makes me think how those people who are running businesses that are geared towards men actually get traffic from Pinterest AND make conversions.
EDIT: Oh wait. Never mind that. My mind just ran wild. Women can buy gifts for men, thus making it possible for those men-centric advertisements to create conversions on Pinterest. My bad. :smiley:

That’s really understandable since Pinterest attributes its rise to popularity due to the wedding niche, but more specifically the brides. If you look at Pinterest’s early days it’s about a lot of brides sharing their cake, dress, invitation pictures in Pinterest. But let’s wait a while, I’m sure men will figure out what to share on Pinterest eventually (i.e. motorcycles, cars, self-made gadget inventions, and video game high scores come to mind).

For now maybe Pinterest users are mostly women, but soon it get more popular, I think men will be fans too. Specially produtcs that use a lot of visual images, like cars or bikes.

I personally use hootsuite and it works fine for me!

Well its true that percentage of women visitors are more at Pinterest.But it is largest growing social networking site now a days.According to, traffic to Pinterest has increased by around 200% over the last three months alone.And the good thing is search engines like Google also index its content.So its better to try it once.

Pininterest and twitter creates so many backlinks I agree with that

Twitter and Pinterest offer absolutely no SEO benefits. If you are using them to for SEO, you will definitely be disappointed. Twitter and Pinterest are Social Media platforms, intended to help you connect with real people. They in no way were ever intended to be used as a resource to produce backlinks.

That said this is not the place to discuss SEO. So we wont talk about that any more. If you have something useful to say regarding how to target specific users on Pinterest and Twitter, please post back.

I agree both Twitter and Pinterest are good enough to grab attention of online traffic. Although, I use Twitter the most to promote my products and services, I have friends who use Pinterest and get benefit.

The Pinterest user demographics are actually evening out a lot more now. There are more men joining than before.

Pinterest is one of the ever growing social networking site that not only helps you to get good ranks, but it will also allow you to get your targeted traffic. Besides that, that article must be there to catch the user attention and to get a good number of visitors, as most of the time such type of rumors work great when it comes to getting targeted traffic. Well all you need to do is to check their search section with the right keywords.