Targeting the text in a radio button

I have this radio button:

<input class="price_show" checked="" type="radio" name="form[0][price_show]" value="1">yes

and I want to target the “yes” but I do not know what jquery method to use…this is the selector I have been using so far:


but I do not know where to go from there…

I believe you need to surround it with <label> tags to be able to change “yes” to something else.

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I do not want to change it,I just want to “grab” it.

Yes, so if you put the proper label element around it, you’ll have something to grab. :slight_smile:

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…also bear in mind that the label element should be
considered essential rather than optional coding. :winky:

Further reading:-

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You can get the text with $('.price_show:checked')[0].nextSibling.nodeValue


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