Targeting the first instance of a html tag type in a div

I’m trying to use CSS to give the first table in the div (Content) a bottom-padding of 10px.
This is what I have so far, but is it not working?

Content table:first-child {
Im trying to apply it here…

The table is not the first child of the Content div. (The H1 is.)

You could try something like

#content > table {}

dang… its not working.
Since it always the first table after the h1 tag in the Content div, shouldn’t the adjacent selector work?
h1 + table {

I hope you are aware of the browser compatibility limitations of :first-of pseudo classes. That being said, let’s clear up some concepts.

PAR >EL , will select ANY ‘EL’ that’s a DIRECT CHILD of PAR ( in other words it will not target other lower descendants)
PAR EL:first-child, will select said ‘EL’ only if it happens to be the FIRST DIRECT CHILD.

Along the same line, ‘+’ selects the only if the element is the very NEXT element. (<h1></h1><table>…) but not (<h1></h1><div></div><table>)
“~” would target the ANY AND ALL tables after THE H1 ( you could always reset h1~table{}/h1 ~table~table{} but that’s convoluted, I think)

you may be looking for :PAR EL:first-of-type
Again do note the limited support.

Hope that helps

Anyhow, the padding is not showing visibly because of some weirdness with the tables, which you don’t need to be using here anyhow.