Target the your Niche Audience

This is complex question have been in my mind that how can we target or know the our targeted Niche Audience. Plz discuss it with some examples

Your “Niche Audience” is the people who you believe are interested in your topic. It isn’t very complex at all.

All your customers need straightforward, well-organized content and ways to help them find it quickly and easily. You’ll need to consider the same issues you face in developing a marketing strategy and business plan, such as:

* The type of product you sell.
* The demographics of your target audience.
* The location of your target audience.
* Your market niche.
* The type of image your want your company to project.

There are a few other things you’ll need to consider that are unique to the web delivery model — which relies on your target audience to supply a portion of the technology to benefit from what you have to offer. These other considerations include:

* Whether your target audience has access to the latest technology.
* Whether your target audience consists of "early adopters" of technology (people who purchase and use the latest that technology has to offer) or "late adopters" (those who adopt technology reluctantly).

It is not that easy to generate 100% targeted traffic or the Audience for specific Niche… Always need to find different resources and do ample of experiments and analyze what works the best…

Do a bit research on the subject of your website and make a plan. While planning, write down the section you are targeting through your website, like of a certain class, of a certain age and in which locality. Accordingly, market your product/service.

finding target niche audience is somehow difficult as it include finding person who are really interested in your services for it you need to understand your theme as eg if i deal in travel my business is getting flights booking from my site to find target person for that i know i need person who need to book flights regularly for there business or regular work so my specific target customers are businessman

For that you have to do lil bit research and depends on what are you trying to sell or trying targeting, it all depends on the product you are looking to get noticed.