Target audience for content writing services

What companies require content writing services? Would appreciate your thoughts…

Your question is too general and the term content writing is vague.

Many companies hire white paper writers, and pay can go into the thousands for a single white paper.

Then there are website stuffers, who really only need a typist who’s a step better than scraper software for pennies.

You forget the greeting card writers, jingle writers, journalists, advertising copywriters, etc. etc. etc.

I agree that the question is too general.

to the OP – What are your skills? What type of writing is in your area of interest?

I am a lifestyle writer…I have an eight-year experience in print journalism. I used to write for a national broadsheet covering varied topics - from arts and culture, home, fashion, food, business profiles, etc. I also have a background in creating English language proficiency tests for non-English speakers. :slight_smile:

With that much experience under your belt, you should have little trouble finding clients. My point… choose the type of writing you like best and look for the market that needs that type of content.